Chat Android SDK  7.0.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAttributesAttributes representation, can be set to Channel, User, Member or Message
 CCallbackListenerListener interface for a generic listener object
 CChannelContainer for channel object
 CChannelStatusRepresents the various states of the user with respect to the channel
 CChannelTypeRepresents the channel's visibility
 CNotificationLevelUser's notification level on a channel
 CSynchronizationStatusIndicates synchronization status for channel
 CUpdateReasonIndicates reason for channel update
 CChannelDescriptorContains channel information
 CChannelListenerListener interface to report channel operations such as member join/leave and messages add/delete/update
 CChannelsProvides access to channels collection, allows to create new channels
 CChannelBuilderHelper to create new channel with provided data
 CSortCriterionSorting criterion for channel query operation
 CSortOrderSorting order for channel query operation
 CChatClientChat client - main entry point for the Chat SDK
 CConnectionStateRepresents underlying twilsock connection state
 CFCMTokenClass which represents token received by application from the Firebase Cloud Messaging service
 CGCMTokenClass which represents token received by application from the Google Cloud Messaging service
 CLogLevelLog level constants for passing to setLogLevel
 CPropertiesProperties for client initialization configuration
 CBuilderBuilder class for client properties
 CSynchronizationStatusRepresents client initialization status
 CChatClientListenerThis interface defines ChatClient callback methods
 CErrorInfoRepresentation of a Chat Error object
 CListenerExceptionListenerException is thrown when exception occurred in app code that implements one of the Twilio Chat SDK listeners, i.e in implementation of ChatClientListener, ChannelListener, StatusListener, CallbackListener, ProgressListener etc
 CMemberRepresentation of a Channel Member object
 CTypeMember type
 CUpdateReasonIndicates reason for member info update
 CMembersProvides access to channel members and allows to add/remove members
 CMessageRepresentation of a Chat Message object
 CMediaMedia object describes downloadable media inside chat message with type Message.Type.MEDIA
 COptionsUsed to construct new message before sending
 CTypeRepresents the type of message
 CUpdateReasonIndicates reason for message update
 CMessagesRepresentation of a Chat channel's message list
 CNotificationPayloadHelper accessor for notification data payload bundle as received from Twilio Notifications
 CTypeRepresents payload type
 CPaginatorClass for paginating over items retrieved using Channels.getPublicChannelsList(), Channels.getUserChannelsList() or Users.getChannelUserDescriptors()
 CProgressListenerListener interface for media progress reporting
 CStatusListenerInterface for a generic listener object
 CUserUser info object
 CUpdateReasonIndicates reason for user info update
 CUserDescriptorContains user information
 CUsersProvides access to users and allows to manipulate user information