Twilio Conversations client library

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Instantiating and using

To use the library you need to generate a token and pass it to the conversations Client create factory.


npm install --save @twilio/conversations

Using this method, you can require twilio-conversations and then use the client:

const Conversations = require('twilio-conversations');
Conversations.Client.create(token).then(client => {
    // Use client

or, if you prefer async/await syntax:

const Conversations = require('twilio-conversations');
let client = await Conversations.Client.create(token);
// Use client


Releases of twilio-conversations.js are hosted on a CDN, and you can include these directly in your web app using a <script> tag.

<script src=""></script>

Using this method, twilio-conversations.js will set a browser global Twilio.Conversations through which you can use the client :

Twilio.Conversations.Client.create(token).then(client => {
    // Use client

or, if you prefer async/await syntax:

let client = await Twilio.Conversations.Client.create(token);
// Use client

Supported Browsers

BrowserSupported Versions
Chrome for Android85
Firefox for Android79
UC Browser for Android12.12
Chrome85, 84, 83
Edge85, 84, 83
Firefox81, 80, 79
Internet Explorer11
Safari for iOS14.0, 13.4-13.7
Safari14, 13.1, 13
Samsung Internet12.0, 11.1-11.2


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