Class: ChannelDescriptor


Contains channel information. Unlike Channel, this information won't be updated in realtime. To have a fresh data, user should query channel descriptors again.

Name Type Description
attributes Object The Channel's custom attributes
createdBy String The identity of the User that created this Channel
dateCreated Date The Date this Channel was created
dateUpdated Date The Date this Channel was last updated
friendlyName String The Channel's name
isPrivate Boolean Whether the channel is private (as opposed to public)
lastConsumedMessageIndex Number Index of the last Message the User has consumed in this Channel
membersCount Number Number of members in a channel
messagesCount Number Number of messages in a channel
sid String The Channel's unique system identifier
status 'unknown' | 'known' | 'invited' | 'joined' | 'failed' Whether the Channel is 'known' to local Client, Client is 'invited' to or is 'joined' to this Channel
type 'public' | 'private' The Channel's type
uniqueName String The Channel's unique name



Get channel object from descriptor