Class: RemoteDataTrack


A RemoteDataTrack represents data published to a Room by a RemoteParticipant.

Name Type Argument Description
isEnabled boolean


isSubscribed boolean

Whether the RemoteDataTrack is subscribed to

kind Track.Kind


maxPacketLifeTime number <nullable>

If non-null, this represents a time limit (in milliseconds) during which data will be transmitted or retransmitted if not acknowledged on the underlying RTCDataChannel.

maxRetransmits number <nullable>

If non-null, this represents the number of times the data will be retransmitted if not successfully received on the underlying RTCDataChannel.

ordered boolean

true if data on the RemoteDataTrack can be received out-of-order.

reliable boolean

This is true if both maxPacketLifeTime and maxRetransmits are set to null. In other words, if this is true, there is no bound on packet lifetime or the number of retransmits that will be attempted, ensuring "reliable" transmission.

sid Track.SID

The SID assigned to the RemoteDataTrack





A message was received over the RemoteDataTrack.

Name Type Description
data string | ArrayBuffer
track RemoteDataTrack

The RemoteDataTrack that received the message